Field Data

Here is a sample of field data collected on one family in the village of Chatuma. Land Use data gives the physical characteristics and cropping histories of the 138 field plots farmed by Alfredo and his family.

Journals were also kept by project participants with records of daily time use. Here is a monthly summary of the activities of Alfredo and his family over the course of one year. Additional data on family history, farm animals, and stocks of food and seed were also recorded.

The original journals, maps, and data sheets are now in the historic archive Instituto Riva-Agüero in Lima.

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Website Launch

Information will be posted here on the work of ARADO International, a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been working in rural communities near Lake Titicaca since 1990. ARADO’s work draws from a unique body of detailed research data and aims to find practical solutions to improving rural livelihoods in one of the world’s most challenging agricultural landscapes.