Original Research Data

ARADO was founded at the conclusion of a four year study which comprehensively detailed agricultural practices in five Andean villages. Over 30,000 individual agricultural plots were mapped with accompanying measurements and crop data collected on 8,000 of these. Journals kept by study families over the course of a year were tabulated to give the total time spent in wide range of activities such as cutting fodder and weaving. The research was conducted by Dr. Roland Bergman, professor of geography Shepherd University, and John Stroud Kusner, cartographer (deceased) with funding from the National Geographic Society. Their work was published in Spanish translation in 2000. (Bergman, R., & Kusner, J. S.(2000). Tierras del Altiplano y Economía Campesina. Cuzco, Peru: Centro Bartolomé de las Casas.)

Recently the original data was recovered (from 5 1/4’’ floppy disks) and will be made available here for public access. Though data was collected in the 80’s the pattern of land use described continues to the present in many highland communities throughout Peru and Bolivia. This is most striking in the extreme fragmentation of landholdings and the large amount of land left fallow due to low soil fertility. It is hoped that the data and maps presented here will be of interest to others doing development work in the area. Additionally it is thought that the data would be an interesting subject for computer analysis as land use modeling programs have recently been applied to similar village communities.